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All About Greg Redd

Greg Redd has been fascinated by words and how they can be made to fit together in an effort to make sense of a mad world since an early age. When the art and drama of his high school years faded as a creative outlet, words took their place.


At first the words he put together were kept private.

Then he started working in hospitality management and later in adult education. He started putting the words together for technical manuals, corporate training tools and academic materials.

Later he became bored with writing for business and started random scribblings to feed his frequently obscure and rampantly imaginative creative side again.

Then, in the early hours of an insomnia driven morning in he accepted that it was time to start sharing some of his word structures with others.

Greg has been married for 19 20 21 a lot of years, all of them to the same long suffering saint of a woman. The couple live with their daughter and two cats in South Africa.